4 Things To Bear in Mind When Consuming Mainstream News

Every minute we are bombarded with news and updates. Every story is presented to us in the most sensationalist way to catch our attention. We are constantly exposed to the Internet, television, radio and newspapers. News stories usually make us worry and see the world in a negative way. News outlets make the world look like a very bad place at the verge of ending. There’s always a conflict; a fight, polarisation, confusion; deceit and disagreement. Also it´s becoming increasingly difficult to get to the truth of matters. It´s time to stop consuming news blindly and become more critical and conscious of the information we are served. There are a few things we can have in mind while we consume news that can help read between the lines and understand the hidden motives of the powerful news outlets.

The Loudest Voice Is Not Always The Right One

The fact that a certain viewpoint is repeated by the majority of media does not mean that they reflect what is really happening. In most countries around the world millionaires invest in buying media groups for the purpose of propagating their points of view to shape public opinion and ultimately be in a position to influence politicians. Unfortunately, truth and clarity are not what they are after.

News Stories Are Overhyped and Polarised

News outlets  want you to be hooked on their stories and provoke as many strong emotions as possible. Their product is viewership for the advertisers so they will do whatever it takes to get the largest possible viewers. This is why If there is an opportunity to turn a story into something controversial journalists will do it. Fearful news consumers will keep checking-in to news to see if they will make it another day. 

News Agencies Control Most Of The News. Journalists Just Paraphrase

News outlets get most of the important international stories from a limited number of dominant news agencies. To a large extent these agencies control public opinion. For example, western news agencies are responsible for shaping public opinion that western leaders are always the good guys when it comes to conflicts with other countries (Russia, Syria, China, Iran).

In many cases national news outlets blindly repeat the stories broadcasted by major international  networks such as CNN and BBC without questioning. Journalists

Journalists Rarely Express Their Own Opinion. They Have To Follow Their Employer’s Agenda

Large news outlets are basically private companies. Therefore they will always follow the agenda of their owner. This means that news items will be tailored to align the goals of the owner. Unfortunately in most cases, journalists do not have the freedom to report on news according to what they believe. How can it be that in a newspaper or a website that you read everyone has the same mindset and opinion? Do you think that a journalist can share an opinion that is opposite to that of the owner?



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