5 Reasons Why Our Dreams Are Important

We all dream; it is just that most of us do not remember our dreams. We do not remember because we are not consciously seeking to remember them. There are many techniques that you can use to improve your dream-recall capacity but you must be willing to dedicate your self to it. Most of brush dreams off  as something irrelevant and don’t pay too much attention as we  just want to move on with our so called “real lives”. The truth is that dreams can be an unlimited source of knowledge, inspiration, fun and self-discovery.

Recalling dreams or past experiences is the same. Both are memories.

With practice, dreams can be recalled 100%. Did you know that we actually have about 5 to 7 dreams per night? If we take a moment to think about it, there is no difference between recalling a dream and a past experience during our vigilant life. They are both memories. We can draw the analogy of computer files; both memories are files of the same formats. They will be both processed in the same way. For the subconscious they are both experiences. Imagine remembering a vivid dream and an event in your vigilant life with the exact same content (i.e. eating an ice-cream, hugging a family member). After some time, when you recall the experiences there will be no difference. They will both a memory of the past. Both will impact your subconscious in the same way.

Dreams are your subconscious trying to communicate.

Dreams do not land in your mind from outside; they are your making. Dreams are in most cases manifestations of your unconscious attempting to get your attention. They are a medium for your subconscious to share information with you. That is why it is important to remember dreams. Nightmares are a good example of the subconscious attempting to reach out to us. Nightmares can be considered as a manifestation or a replay of a conscious or subconscious fear. By observing your dreams you can discover sides of your personality that until now you were not conscious about. 

Dreams can be fun

When you start remembering your dreams (one way to improve dream recall is keeping a dream journal) you will surely have some intriguing stories to share. Moving into lucid dreams will make things even more interesting. Lucid dreaming is becoming conscious that you are dreaming while in a dream. When you become conscious in your dreams you are able to navigate through the dream space; choose what to do and what to manifest and communicate and interact with the dream characters and elements. Also, lucid dream can be very realistic; you can feel, smell, hear like in your vigilant life. 

Dreams can help you get rid of phobias or find answers

When you are able to lucid dream you can communicate with dream characters and elements. Lucid dreamers have been able to communicate with their nightmares and find answers. In the typical dream in which one is being chased by a monster or something malevolent, lucid dreamers often reported reaching out to their prosecutor. In most cases they have just turned around and asked “what do you represent?” or just embraced it. The act of communicating with the manifestations of ones subconscious is an act of acceptance and realisation and can be enough to get rid of a phobia.

Some have also used dreaming to find answers to questions or even stop addictions. Lucid dreamers can set their intention before sleeping to find an answer by meeting with the higher self. Once in the dream they can ask dream characters for answers. Your subconscious can give you clarity as it is not affected by the everyday by the petty thoughts of everyday life. There are cases in which scientists and entrepreneurs have found new approaches or solutions to problems while dreaming.

Dreams can be a door to other dimensions

Some expert dreamers claim to be able to interact with their spirit guide in their dreams; a manifestation not originating from their subconscious but one that uses the dream space as a medium of communication. There are also cases in which individuals meet in dreams. For example,  individuals have been able to exchange information in dreams which they have later verified once awake.

Others have had experience of clairvoyance and telepathy in their dreams. Dreams of clairvoyance involve foreseeing future events, big or small. Telepathic dreams are situation in which you get information on something that has happened while dreaming. Examples of such cases are experienced by many; just ask around and you will surely find some amazing cases. A recent telepathic dream shared involved a stolen motorbike. The night that followed his mother dreamt of the location of the missing motorbike. The next day the mother told her son. He had nothing to lose and decided to follow his mother’s instructions. At the exact spot designated by his mother, he found his motorbike.

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