The Alien Close Encounter of Pope John XXIII

In the summer of 1961 Pope John XXIII had a close encounter with an alien being. This amazing encounter was disclosed by the Pope’s personal secretary Loris Francesco Capovilla who witnessed the incident.

One evening in July 1961 at the summer residence of the Pope in Castelgandolfo near Rome, the pope and his secretary were taking a walk through the property’s gardens. Around 10 pm they noticed a bright star. The supposed star started to descend and after a few minutes they realised that it was some type of craft. The UFO had a round shape and carried blue and amber lights. The brightness of the lights was such that it seemed to have turned into daylight. When the UFO was close enough it stopped and remained steady in the air. A ray of yellow  light appeared from below the craft. The light gave the sensation of a tube of light that stopped a meter or two from the ground without reflecting on the ground.

From the tube of light a emerged a humanoid being. The alien had a golden-white halo around it. It was taller than the average human and had large pointed ears. It lifted its arm to salute the Pope and his secretary. Thinking that they were witnessing a divine vision they fell on their knees and started to pray. After a few moments they lifted their head but the alien being was still standing a few meters away from them. Without saying anything Pope John XXIII stood up and walked towards the alien.

Loris stayed silent on his knees observing the Pope and the alien having a conversation. There is no information of what they were talking about. From the information available we know that although Loris could hear the Pope’s voice the conversation was telepathic. After communicating for about 20 minutes the alien being tuned away and left. The craft took off in complete silence. Both of them remained in shock after the encounter.

Most probably the alien knew he was talking to and the encounter was not a coincidence. Could the alien have shared information about spirituality with the Pope? 

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