Alien Encounter Witnessed by 62 Children


On September 16th 1994, 62 children ages six through twelve reported seeing alien crafts and alien beings in the bushland next to the playground of their school located outside Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

The event took place during morning recess. The children witnessed several spaceships and two alien beings. There seemed to be a large flying object and smaller ones around it. The sound coming from the UFOs was described as flute-like by one of the children interviewed (high pitched sound). When on the ground, one  being was seen inside one of the spaceships while two others were seen walking (some children described it as floating above the ground); one up and down in front of the ship and another between the surrounding trees. Some of the children said that they seemed to be mimicking their movements. Suddenly the two beings were at arms reach from some of the children

The beings were described as black with long black hair, elongated heads and “eyes as big as rugby balls, thin arms and legs. Despite being afraid most of the children were curious and fascinated by the beings. Some of the children commented on the being’s captivating eyes, it seemed they could not stop looking at them. It felt as if  they were sharing information with them telepathically.

It seems that the eye contact with the aliens generated some kind of telepathy. Some of the children stated that the experience and specifically eye contact with the aliens  brought with it ideas about the environment. That we humans are not taking care of nature. One of the children, Elsa felt, that the beings were sharing information about the harm we are causing to the planet. An other witness described receiving images about technology and that we humans can choose whether we want to use technology in a harmful or beneficial way.

Following the incident, psychologists, reporters, researchers and journalists visited the school. All published research on the incident shows that the children gave consistent accounts. Furthermore the teachers seemed to have been convinced. This incident is one of the most credible ones in the history of alien encounters as it involves a large number of children. The children had no motive to lie and it is unlikely that they could have behaved in such a coordinated way to fool their teachers and parents

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