Bush senior on UFOs: Americans can’t handle the truth


Jeb Bush, son of George Bush senior (former president of the Unites States between 1989 and 1993 and former Director of the CIA) and brother of George W. Bush  held recently a fundraiser event in Orlando Florida.

During the fundraiser, one attendee identified as Adam Guelch, an active member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) raised an unusual question to which  George Bush senior gave a clear and surprising response.

Adam Guelch asked when the US government would tell the truth about UFOs to  the American people to which George Bush senior replied: “Americans can’t  handle the truth.”. At that moment questioning was briefly stopped by the event organisers.

It is not the first time George Bush senior gives a controversial response on the UFO issue. On March 7,1988,  a similar incident occurred during a trip to  Rogers, Arkansas while rallying for president. The future president was asked if he as president would tell Americans the truth about UFOs; he replied:  “I am very careful in my public life when I have to deal with classified information.”

James Adder, a journalist with the the Arkansas Globe at the time had the opportunity to ask George Bush senior on the UFO phenomenon. George Bush senior replied by saying: phenomenon to which Mr. Bush replied before the end of the interview: ” I know some. I know a fair amount”

Some commentators of this recent event have attempted to downplay the importance of this statement by claiming that the former president and CIA director may be suffering from a loss of cognitive functions. If so how does one explain the former statements on aliens in 1988?

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