Ancient Aluminium Artifact Destroys Conventional History

Archaeology is full of stories of discoveries that challenge and destroy the timeline of history imposed by conventional academia. One of this cases is that of the mysterious aluminium wedge of Aiud (Romania).

The mysterious aluminium object was discovered by chance in 1974 at a depth of 10 meters at a quarry by the banks of river Mures near the Romanian town of Aiud. The artefact weighs approximately 2 kilos (length: 21cm; width: 12.5 cm; thickness: 7cm). According to researchers and engineers it appears very similar to the feet fused on modern landing gear found on aircraft with vertical landing and take-off. For conventional investigators it appears as a hammer head. In its vicinity researchers found two mastodon bones(extinct large tusked mammal species that lived between 10,000 and 80,000 BC). Based on the finding next to the object it can be assumed that the object is at least 10,000 years old.

According to conventional history the artefact should not exist since aluminium was discovered in 1807 and was produced in 1886. A subsequent dating analysis (we have not been able to find details on the dating technique used) on the artefact indicated that it was at least 200,000 years old. The wedge’s oxidized layer coating indicates that the artefact is more likely to be around 400 years old, still placing it at least 200 years before aluminium was available.

Things became even more mysterious when information regarding the object’s complexity was revealed.The object was taken to the Archaeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca for metallographic analysis where it was discovered that it was made from a complex alloy consisting 12 different elements, with the major metal being aluminium at a consistency of 89% (other metals being Copper: 6,2%, silicon: 2,84%,zinc:1,81%, lead :0,41%). 

Many have challenged the theories presented and the results from the dating analysis but no one has put forward a logical explanation. Does this object come from a time in humanity’s past when technology was as advanced as today? Could it be something left behind from alien visitors? Maybe its an example of advanced technology available to a few while the rest of the world was kept in darkness. 

Where is this object now? It is assumed that the mysterious object is now hidden from public in an undisclosed storage area at the Archaeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca.  

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