Pyramids in Bosnia: The Discovery they Don’t Want You to Know About


The discovery of the ancient Bosnian pyramids by Dr Semir Osmanagich has the potential to rewrite history. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid discovered to date. It has an estimated height of 220 meters, while the Great Pyramid of Giza stands at 174 meters. The existence of the Bosnian pyramids is one of many discoveries that should have changed our history books. 

Radio carbon dating has given us mind-blowing results. Between the concrete blocks used to build the Pyramid of the Sun, the archaeologist working on the excavations were fortunate to find two fossilised leaves. During the pyramid construction the wind blew leaves that were covered with the top block of concretes and trapped inside. The scientist estimated that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun was built around 32,000BC. 

Mainstream academics and historians have refuted the discoveries and have boycotted and blocked attempts for further excavations and research. What are they afraid of?  Those that control public opinion and popular historical knowledge only speak of pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. The truth is that pyramids have been discovered all over the world (Sudan, Sicily, Greece, Canary Islands, Mauritius, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Peru, Cambodia, China, USA).

When Dr Osmanagich received permission to dig from the Bosnian state in 2005 he was attacked by various entities such as the state´s commission of national monuments; federal institutes, the minister of culture; journalists, political parties, archaeologists, the academy of sciences and geological society all requesting that the project should stop.

As the exciting discoveries of the Bosnian Pyramids  are gaining international publicity academics and so-called experts continue to refute the findings and request the project´s termination. Anthony Harding, the president of the European archaeological association even organised a petition to stop the project. If so many people of the establishment are showing such severe opposition for a project in some remote part of Bosnia it can only mean that Dr Osmanagich is on to something groundbreaking. has a made a groundbreaking.

But what evidence do we have that the so-called pyramid of the sun in Bosnia (see article picture) is actual a pyramid and not a natural mountain?


Although the pyramid of the sun is covered with vegetation one can clearly see that it consist of four triangular faces; it has clear edges; the slope is consistent on each side from bottom to top and all sides meet at an apex.

Obvious construction material

Excavations have shown that the pyramid has been built  by blocks of concrete. At an average depth of 1 meter the team consistently finds concrete building blocks.The analysis has indicated that the blocks were artificially made (a type of concrete). Also the concrete seems to be of better quality than today’s concrete in terms of hardness and water absorption. Today’s concrete has a hardness of 10 to 60 Mpa while the concrete used at the Pyramid of the Sun measures at 73 Mpa. In terms of water absorption, modern concrete has and absorption of around 3% while the pyramid’s concrete has only 1.1%.

Orientation of pyramid sides

The northern side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun aligns with the northern star. Egyptian, Chinese and most of the Peruvian pyramids and many others are also aligned with the northern star. The great pyramid of Giza has a deviation of 0 degrees and 2 minutes. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is even more accurate with a deviation of only 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds.

Internal chambers

Geo radar screening has indicated that there are many chambers inside the pyramid. Obvious chambers can only be made intentionally. The project has yet to explore the pyramid´s chambers. 

Underground tunnels

Under most old Egyptian, Chinese and Mexican pyramids archaeologists have discovered a network of tunnels. The network of tunnels under the Bosnian pyramids seems to be the most extensive ever discovered; extending for tens of kilometers.

Sacred Geometry

If you connect the top of the Pyramid  of the Sun with the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Dragon (two other Bosnian pyramids) you get an equilateral triangle.

Energy potent location

The pyramid was built in Visoko to amplify the existing natural sources of energy (click here to read the etymology of the word pyramid). The Visoko valley demonstrates high levels of energy. Geological studies have demonstrated the existence of deep underground plates of iron ore. The plate of iron ore generates electromagnetism. Also, the Pyramid of the Sun is situated  next to two rivers and the area has an extensive flow of underground water. Electricity is generated  between two parallel underground water flows at the valley´s underground. This water flow releases negative ions which in combination with the areas natural magnetism allows scientist to measure four different types of energies.

Energy phenomena

Using a specialised camera that detects bio-energy fields Dr Osmanagich and his colleagues saw that although bio-energy fields in nature are horizontal (e.g. on a hill or mountain) they got different reading at the Pyramid of the Sun. Over the pyramid they have consistently (8 years) detected vertical energy fields. The vertical energy fields implY that the energy accumulated inside the pyramid is released in vertical form from the top of the pyramid. ALl this leads to the conclusion that the Pyramid of the Sun is an energy generation and amplification engine.


When presented with these facts scientist representing the dogma have not argued against the pyramid using scientific criteria. They have only refuted the existence of the Pyramid of the Sun by presenting simplistic arguments such as “‘history has taught that there were no Pharaohs in Bosnia” or “Dr Osmanagich is a hoax” that do not convince anyone.

We have to ask ourselves”Why have archaeologists avoided to confront Dr Osmanagich with real data and facts?” ” Why hasn’t this discovery taken media by storm?”.

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