Ayahuasca Induced Out of Body Travel

One of the most fascinating aspects of taking the Ayahuasca brew is that it can induce out of body experiences. During Ayahuasca sessions some have been able to leave their body and travel with their consciousness or astral body to other locations. In some cases, these people have been able to confirm their out of body voyage by later confirming what they experienced with reality. For example, during these experiences people have travelled to the house of a relative and observed the clothes worn and then later they would confirm details of the clothes with their relative.

One fascinating testimony comes from  famous investigator JJ Benitez. In his book “Estoy Bien” which outlines testimonies of people that have had contact with the dead, the writer provides a description of his Ayahuasca experience. The experience took place in 1989 in Brazil. A friend wanted to challenge him and asked him  to visit a specific address in Madrid, Spain and confirm what confirm the present he had sent.After taking the Ayahuasca brew, his consciousness took off to the skies. He could feel the air and the rain as he flew; he flew over the Atlantic Ocean. At some point he recognised that he was over Lisbon. After Lisbon he flew to Madrid and found the house he was challenged to go. He walked through the walls and found himself inside the house. After moving inside the house he found the present, a set of golf clubs. Also, in the house he saw two people, a man and a woman.

After the Ayahuasca session Benitez described what he saw to his friend; the golf clubs and the woman and man that were in the house. The friend confirmed that he had indeed sent a set of golf clubs but he was more impressed by the descriptions of the man and woman in the house. The friend was able to confirm that the description of the man in the house was that of the dead brother of the woman living in the house.

A similar case is described  by Alan Shoemaker in his book ” Ayahuasca Medicine: The Shamanic World of Amazonian Sacred Plant Healing”. During his training to become an Ayahuasca healer he lived in a hut with the family of his teacher. At that time a cousin was staying with them. She had recently separated and was staying with the family to recover. The young lady would spend every night out until late at night in the nearby town and the family was concerned.

One night while Shoemaker was in the middle of an Ayahuasca ritual his teacher requested from him to find out where does the young woman go every night. Initially he did not understand but his teacher explained that he does not need to physically follow her down to town but for his spirit to find her. His maestro asked him to just place the woman’s name on his forhead not think of anything else and just let his spirit go.

After focusing for some time he suddenly found himself in the air flying over at great speed. He was flying over the main streets of the city of Iquitos, Peru, a few miles away from where his physical body was. He felt like his consciousness was seeing down below through the body of an insect or bird, something like a dragonfly or hummingbird, He was now in “search mode” looking for the young woman. Then a couple passed below him. He first noticed details of their clothes, such as the woman’s shoes and the man’s teared jeans. He then turned his attention to their faces and to his surprise it was her. The excitement made his consciousness instantly return back to his physical body. He had enough details to tell his teacher about the night time whereabouts of their young cousin.

Next day during lunchtime Shoemaker shared his experience with his teacher during lunch. He told him that he saw her in the city centre and stated the name of location (plaza 28th of July). She was with a young man but there was no touching they were just friends. After few minutes the young woman came and sit with them to have lunch. The teacher asked: “Where did you go last night?” She answered: ” I was at plaza 28th of July, I met up with a friend”.

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