Brazil 1963: Encounter with an Alien Cyclops Species

Reading through the thousands of testimonies of alien encounters it becomes clear that most incidents do not report the typical grey alien with the huge almond eyes. Actually, there are many species reported. One type of aliens reported concerns a species of one eyed humanoids or what we could refer to as a cyclops species.

The best known cyclops incident took place in Brazil in 1963, in the neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia in the city of Belo Horizonte. On an August evening after dinner three boys (two of them brothers) came out to the back-yard to wash the family’s kettle at the water-well. The back-yard appeared unusually lit but the three brothers did not take too much notice assuming it was coming from the full moon. One of the brothers, Ronaldo was the first to discover the source of the light.

The two brothers, saw a spherical object (about 4 meters of diameter) hovering over an Avocado tree at a distance of less than 10 meters from where they were standing. The sphere was transparent and had two antennas in the upper part. Inside the transparent sphere, they could see four persons sitting on one-legged seats. One of the crew appeared to be female as the boys were able to distinguish a female chest and long blonde hair in a pony tail. They wore a tight one-piece suit similar to that of a scuba diver; dark boots, a kind of copper box on their back and a transparent helmet that covered the whole head. One of the aliens was seated in front of what looked like a control panel with a monitor.

Then, two light beams shot from the lower part of the craft reaching the ground. One of the male beings stood up and seconds later appeared floating between the two parallel light beams. He descended, touched the ground and walked towards the boys. The two brothers who had witnessed the whole event stood paralysed and speechless, while their friend Jose had not seen anything  as he was absorbed into collecting water from the well. The humanoid cyclops walked towards Jose and reached out his arms. Fernando (the other brother) pushed Jose to the floor to avoid the contact with the alien. The alien then made some gestures with his arms and uttered some unknown words. After that the kids started to feel a sensation of calmness.

A comic book drawing representing the descent of the cyclops alien from the craft

The male cyclops was very close and they could now notice further details. He stood at over 2 meters, had one black-eye without the white part of the eye, was bold and had a reddish skin similar to an American Indian.The had was covered by a transparent helmet similar to a fish jar with an antenna on top. Over the eye they could see something moving that looked like some kind of eyebrow. The man then sat on the curb of the water-well, looking towards the spherical craft and the his crew. Fernando assuming that the alien man was not looking took a brick from the floor with the intention  to attack him. The alien sensed the danger stood up and launched a ray from his chest to Fernando’s hand making the brick fall. The man looked towards his people making gestures and speaking in his strange language. Finally he made a turn and walked towards the craft. The two rays from the bottom of the craft appeared again and the cyclops entered into the craft and sat next to the female being.

A few seconds later, the craft produced a flash of light and shot off in total silence. 


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