Chemtrails or Contrails? Either way, it’s a problem!

Chemtrails Contrails

Most of us have witnessed white streaks in the sky that stretch across our horizons turning our skies into a haze. Have you noticed that these trails morph into clouds, are persistent and can stay in the sky for many hours? Have you also noticed that this phenomenon is in the increase especially in metropolitan areas and the so called developed countries ?

There are two main theories on this topic; a) these trails are vapour from engines or b) governments or control groups beyond government are spraying us with a  mix of chemicals to achieve some objective such as  geo-engineering (climate control), population reduction and population control by spraying some for of tranquilizers to dumb us down

In the case of intentional spraying we have a big problem because no government is openly telling us what is going on. There is compelling evidence that something is malevolent is going on which could be very bad for our health and the environment. Those who claim that we are dealing with chemtrails have evidence that we are being heavily polluted with aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver. If it’s been done for the well being of all (very doubtful) to control the weather and climate let’s have governments  be open about it so that we are all aware of the objectives and of any side-effects. Population control and the dumbing down of the masses is also a possible scenario as it is evident that all the claimed chemicals and particles sprayed on us are harmful.

Even if we are dealing with mere vapour trails we have a problem to resolve. Why have this increased and why have they robbed us from having clear skies like and clear sunlight? In the same way that we want our beaches and pavements to be garbage-free the same should apply for our skies. Also who has decided that it is ok to dim the sunlight in this way? There should be implications on climate, vegetation and human beings from reduced sunlight intakes. No official institution or government is providing these answers.

How come that something that is affecting our skies which is just above our heads is not getting the media attention it should? In any case people need disclosure.

Photo taken in Barcelona, Spain, Summer 2015 .


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