Chilean Navy Releases Amazing UFO Video

The Chilean navy has recently disclosed an impressive 10 minute UFO video. The video was recorded on November 11th 2014. The video was recorded from a military Airbus Cougar AS-532 helicopter. The evidence has been studied by different experts using a variety of techniques but nobody has been able to explain the nature of the object.

The navy observed and recorded the object from the helicopter at a height of 1,370 meters and at a temperature of 10 degrees celsius during a routine daytime patrol mission flying along the coast, west of Santiago. According to the infrared camera used the UFO had a temperature of 50 celsius. The crew was able to see it with the naked eye. It appeared to be at the same altitude as the helicopter and at a distance of about 60 kilometers. The object was not detected from radars and the automatic tracking systems could not detect it which meant that the navy had to resort to manual tracking. A captain that witnessed the UFO from the helicopter reported that the object had a flat and elongated structure and had what appeared to be two discharges.

In the video that follows, the UFO is recorded in both infrared and normal camera. In two instances we see a hot material being released from the flying object. 

We have to wonder what are the motives behind official institutions choosing to disclose such videos. Are these videos disclosed just as a smokescreen from more profound evidence that is never shared with the public or have governments taken the path of gradual disclosure? Such videos are amazing but also serve to maintain the ambiguity over the UFO phenomena.



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