Dead Sea Art: The Salt Bride


Israeli artist Sigalit Landau submerged a black gown in the salt-rich waters of the Dead Sea for 2 years form 2014 to 2016. The gown was recently removed from the sea for display. During these two years the salt crystallised on the gown making the black dress into a glittering wedding dress. The result is truly impressive.

The garment is a copy of bride´s dress used in the 1920s theatrical play “The Dybbuk”. The play is about a young Hasidic (Jewish religious sect) woman who is possessed by the spirit of her dead lover and later exorcised. Pictures of the gown were taken every three months in order to see the gradual changes in the salt crystal accumulation (see some pictures below). In some way, the collection of pictures symbolise the transformation of a mourning to a celebration gown.


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