DNA Experiment Shows we have an Energy Body Operating in an Energy Field


In the early 90s, Vladimir Poponin conducted a series of experiments to investigate the relationship between the human DNA and its interaction with the physical world. The results were astonishing and contradicted traditional science.

A glass tube was taken, from which all air was drawn out to create a vacuum. Although the air was drawn out, particles of light (photons) remained inside the tube. Poponin went on to measure the distribution of light (photon particles) in the tube. In the vacuum state, scientist validated that the distribution of the photon particles was random.

Next, human DNA was placed in the tube. When measuring the photon behaviour, this  time they found out that photons were aligned and positioned in some kind of order. The result showed that the photons aligned along the axis of the DNA; somehow becoming aware of it.

When the DNA was removed from the tube, the photons did not go back to behaving randomly as initially observed. Even though the DNA was removed, the photons behaved as if the DNA was still there maintaining the structure. It seemed that the DNA left an energetic imprint after it was removed from the tube. The “phantom-DNA” energy field was observed to keep the photons in a structure for up to a month. The team attempted to disrupt the structure of photons by blasting liquid nitrogen. However, the photon structure surrounding the phantom DNA would only temporarily break and would regain its structure in less than 10 minutes.

The results may indicate that we carry an energy body not confined to the limits of our physical body existing and operating in an energy field. Even when the DNA specimen was removed photons maintained their “communication” with the DNA. It is plausible that although physical matter is absent it maintains communication and interacts through an energy field. 

The experiment´s outcomes could explain many familiar phenomena. Some locations carry a bad energy (such as places of suffering) that some of us can sense when there. This could be a consequence of energy remaining in the room after one has left. The experiment may also shed light to the phantom limb phenomena. Many amputees continue to feel their limb as if it is still attached to the body. It is possible that we may be looking at indications of our energy body that is housed in our physical body. Moreover, the results could provide a plausible theory on the ghost phenomenon. The energetic body of a deceased person may remain for a while after death. Attracting energy in the form of light (like in the experiment), we can see the silhouette of a ghost. 

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