Don’t Let Entertainment and Technology Turn you Into an Idiot

The human race has never had so many distractions as nowadays. What we refer to as the entertainment industry is engulfing us and growing by the day; so many films, series, celebrity gossip and reality shows. Furthermore, we now have the technology (gadgets) to be connected 24-7 to social media and consume entertainment from anywhere and at any moment. We dedicate so much of our time and energy consuming these products without ever considering the implications. “It’s entertainment”, we could say. It’s a type of instant gratification that is shallow, short-lived and does not really serve us. We are not really conscious on how much time and energy we waste. The phenomena has reached such levels that many of us feel uncomfortable without their smartphone.

Some of us are wasting most of our free time or stealing from our work time to consume so-called entertainment and live a life through social media. The concept of moderation has disappeared as technology enables an unlimited feed of information. Under these circumstances we can be continuously distracted. We have become numb and some of us are unable to act normally in social situations without having our mobile phone with us. In elevators people will pick up their mobile phone because nowadays it feels strange to just stand still and silent for a while or smile or say “hello” to the one next to us. At cafés we will see group of friends glued to their devices instead of  communicating with each other. When they eventually speak it will be about something they received on social media. Most of the times about a celebrity, some material thing they would like to have, seldomly about an idea or concept.

All this entertainment deviates us from our aspirations, talents and life purpose. Tell me how does watching and following the Kardashians every day serve you? Why waste time peeking into the lives of others ? Television and social media are the great distractions and time wasters? Is technology to blame? Technology is great as long as you don´t let it take over you. We are to blame. We have individual responsibility for our choices. According to research from Common Sense Media published in 2015, the average US teen spends 9 hours per day on media not including the time spent on school work. In other parts of the world we see the same situation.

How can we be our own authority, think for ourselves and be creative if all we do is consume media?

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