Dr Wambach: Clinical Evidence on Reincarnation


Dr. Helen Wambach was one of the pioneers in conducting scientific research into past lives and reincarnation. Dr Wambach came from a world-view of  scientific materialism and considered past life memories and reincarnation as fantasy.

Wanting to debunk these phenomena, starting in  the early 1960s she conducted a 10-year survey of past-life recalls under hypnosis among 1,088 subjects.

Research was based on a series of specific questions to ensure a more reliable analysis of the results. Questions were related to time periods in which people lived; their clothing, utensils, money, housing and other everyday aspects. From every subject, Wambach collected at least  three past lives testimonies

Wambach came to the conclusion that the accounts of people’s past lives were very accurate and that fantasy and memory could not account for the patterns identified in the results. For example 140 subjects that reported one past life as an Aztec provided similar accounts of their daily diet.  With the exception of 11 subjects, all descriptions of clothing, footwear, and utensils were consistent with historical records.’

The research data collected indicates that past live testimonies are aligned with historical. sociological and biological facts. This indicates that the subject testimonies are not fantasy. 50.6 % of the past lives reported were male and 49.4 % were female. This distribution is in accordance with biological facts

The number of people reporting upper class or comfortable lives was in exactly the same proportion to the estimates of historians of the class distribution of the period. If it was fantasy then most would create past live testimonies of being someone important (i.e a historical figure), rich and powerful.

Details regarding  clothing, footwear, type of food and utensils used was better than that in popular history books. Therefore, subjects were not drawing information from popular history or entertainment (i.e. films). She found over and over again that her subjects could provide more details than most historians. Also, experts were able to confirm that her subjects were correct.

Wambach wanted to know what happens between our current and previous life and conducted research based on 750 subjects. She concluded that  to some extent we have chosen our current life and that in most cases, our soul only enters the body near the time of  birth. 89% of those hypnotized said they did not become part of the fetus until after six months of gestation. A large group said they did not join the fetus, or experience inside it, until just before or during the birth process. They existed fully conscious as an entity apart from the fetus and even after six months many reported being ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the fetal body. Many subjects reported that the onrush of physical sensations on emerging from the birth canal was disturbing and very unpleasant.

Dr Wambach saw that subjects would sometimes described future lives. Many spoke of a depopulated and devastated world. In the early 80s she started a study involving 2,500 subjects undergoing hypnotic future life progression. Participants were given a choice of five time periods (three in the past and two in the future) with instructions that their subconscious would choose one of the periods. It was proven that future progression is harder than past life regression. 6%  reported being alive around 2100 AD, and 13 % around 2300 AD. Her findings indicated that the end of the 20th would bring natural disasters (volcanos, weather, earthquakes); a new US currency (US banknotes were significantly redesigned between 1996 and 2000 for the first time since 1920s); financial crises (e.g .Asian crisis of 97), bank failures (yes, but not specific to the late 90s) and the decimation of a large number of people.

Dr Wambach’s scientific approach and extensive research provides reliable evidence on the subject of reincarnation. Although one of the pioneers in the field of reincarnation she is not the only one to have conducted reliable and systematic research.

For those that believe and know that reincarnation is part of our existence this evidence provides reassurance. Sceptics should look at this information and provide a reliable alternative explanation. The funny thing is that any attempt to provide an alternative explanation would probably still give rise to an interpretation that is beyond the confines of short-sighted traditional science and scientific materialism.

Dr Helen Wambach is the  author of two books describing her research and conclusions; “Reliving Past Lives” and “Life Before Life”.


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