Experiments Prove Energy Healing is Real

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Dr Bill Bengston has conducted a number of experiments that consistently demonstrate that energy healing or healing through intention works and can cure cancer.

To study energy healing and the power of intention in healing Dr Bengston used mice. Mice have been consistently used in medical experiments focusing on cancer research. This experimental model is considered as reliable as it consistently delivers same results regarding the life expectancy of mice with cancer. Thousands of experiments demonstrate that mice injected with cancer will start dying on the 14th day and no mice will live over 27 days.

The experiments of Dr Bengston have provided evidence that cancer can be cured through intention and energy healing. Experiments have been conducted in a number of labs for around 20 years. In all cases the results were positive. Mice were injected with twice the lethal  “dosage” of cancer. On the third day, participants would start practising energy healing and working on their intentions to heal the mice (visualising that the mice are cured). The pattern of curing was not gradual. Scientist noticed that the cancerous tumour would expand as expected despite daily energy healing treatment but suddenly the situation would be reversed and the mice would be cured for life.

None of the mice used in the experiments ever had a recurrence and became immune to further cancer injections. Also they noticed that when they took cells from a shrinking tumour (that was being treated through energy healing) and transferred them to an infected mouse (that was not subjected to energy healing), that mouse would also be cured for life.

The team moved on to install random number generators (RNGs) in the labs. They noticed that during the weeks of the experiments where healing was taking place, the RNGs would provide anomalous readings. In other words, the outputs from the RNGs would not give the expected pattern of randomness. Also, once the mice were cured the random number generators would go back to generating the expected randomness pattern.

Anomalous readings were also noticed on the geomagnetic probes installed in the labs were mice were treated through energy healing. The team noticed that the anomalous waves occurred suddenly and happened simultaneously  in all the labs were mice were treated. Once the mice are cured the phenomena stop.

Through a serious of additional experiments Dr Bengston provided evidence that energy healing only works when there is a clear need. Cancer in test tube could not be stopped but once injected in to an animal, energy healing worked (as now there was an animal in need). Also, the experiments indicated that a type of resonance has to be established (consciously or unconsciously) between the healer and the subject for healing take place.

The experiments have proven that all types of people can heal; from the extremely sensitive to the bricks. The ability to heal could be an inherent dormant quality that we all possess and an automatic response to need.

How can we put Dr Bengston’s findings in to widespread practice and make it a conventional treatment? If cancerous cells under energy healing treatment can be transferred to a patient and cure cancer as in the case of the mice we may potentially have a cure for cancer. 

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