Ghosts Of Roman Soldiers Seen in a Cellar in Northern England

In 1953 Harry Martindale, 18 at the time was working as an apprentice plumber installing central heating at the Treasurer’s House a landmark building in York, England used as a museum. Harry was in the building’s cellar on a ladder making a hole on the ceiling. Out of nowhere he heard the sound of a trumpet blowing. At the same moment, and still on  the ladder, he saw a figure coming out of the wall wearing a Roman helmet.

Terrified from what he saw, Harry fell from the ladder and scrambled to the corner of the room. He noticed that the figure looked like a Roman soldier. The figure crossed the room and disappeared into a pillar on the opposite side from the wall that the figure had emerged. The soldier was followed by an even more impressive apparition. A Roman soldier on a horse followed by soldiers in pairs walking side by side. Harry estimated the number of Romans from 12 to 20 soldiers. Difficult to be precise when in a state of shock.

The soldiers appeared solid as normal living people but you could not see their feet and lower part of their legs (common in many ghost apparitions. None of the soldiers looked towards Harry’s side. They were all short and in need of a wash and a shave. There was nothing glamorous about them, their uniforms looked like shirts and appeared handmade out of random parts of cloth in various shades of green. They all wore the same helmets and carried a short sword on their right side. When the apparition  was at the center of the cellar Harry heard the sound of murmuring.

All this experience was too much for Harry. Apparently a few minutes later the museum’s curator found him collapsed in the cellar’s stairs. Having witnessed the same in the 1930s, the curator realised that the young man had seen the apparition of the Roman soldiers.

Between 1897 and 1930 the building was owned by a local businessman by the name Frank Green who during some renovation work discovered that the Roman road connecting York with the passed through the house. The Romans settled in York by building a fortress in the year 71 AD.

Image by Turner Mohan

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