The Great Pyramid of Giza: Immense Size, Mysterious Precision and Dimensions

The Great Pyramid of Giza is an amazing construction in terms of size, precision and dimensions. We still do not know how did they manage to build it; why was it so precise in terms of orientation and why did they choose the dimensions they did. The great pyramid is tangible evidence of lost or undisclosed ancient knowledge.

The pyramid weighs 6 million tons and has a footprint of thirteen acres. Over 200 million block of stones where used in its construction (with an average weight of 2 tons). Numerous blocks weighing 70 tons where raised 300 feet (91 meters) above ground during construction. It’s more than 750 feet (229 meters) along each side and 481 feet (146.6 meters) tall. 

What makes the pyramid really intriguing is its precision. It is targeted on true north within 3/60 of a single degree.  Such precision is impossible with the technology that the ancient Egyptians supposedly had (according to mainstream history). Why did the Egyptians go to such lengths to achieve such levels of precision? What was the objective? Probably this precision is related to the true purpose behind the construction of pyramids.

The pyramid also incorporates the dimensions of our planet. If we take the height of the great pyramid and multiple it by 43,200 we get the Earth´s polar radius. If we measure the base perimeter of the pyramid and again multiply by 43,200 we get the Earth´s equatorial circumference. 43,2000 is not a random number but derived from the Earth’s motion; specifically from the Earth’s wobble motion. The Earth wobbles on its axis at a rate of 1 degree every 72 years. If we multiply 72 by 600 we get 43,200. The selection of these numbers is surely not a coincidence. How did the Egyptians know these dimensions and why did they incorporate them in the great pyramid?

The only logical explanation is that the pyramid was built based on the knowledge of a lost or hidden civilization. Maybe mainstream history is not revealing the true magnitude of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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