Why do Greek Governments Systematically Ignore & Sabotage Greek History?


Many Greeks that appreciate the nation’s historical richness have long realised that Greek governments throughout the years have never done much to promote Greek heritage within Greece or abroad. It seems more like systematic sabotage of Greece. Other countries with a fraction of Greece’s heritage do an excellent job in promoting themselves and highlighting their values to the world.

Even the severe blows suffered by Greece from its friends in the European Union have not been enough for Greek governments to learn from history; change their attitude and become more decisive. Some years ago, in 2012 archaeologists unearthed a large tomb in Amphipolis, the biggest burial mound ever discovered in Greece. The finding was used by politicians and media to divert the public from the real problems. A show of pure sensationalism and no sensationalism. It’s no surprise that 99.9% of Greeks do not know what was found in the tomb. So why is the political system ignoring, sabotaging and manipulating Greek history and heritage?

A Means to Destroy Greek Identity And Enable the Dictatorship of Globalisation 

There is an unconfirmed urban myth circulating that in 1974 Henry Kissinger made the following statement:

“The Greek people are difficult to govern and therefore we need to attack their cultural heritage and roots. In this way Greeks may conform. What I mean is that we have to attack their language, religion, their cultural and historical inventory so as to neutralise their ability to develop, to accomplish and prevail so as not to bother us in the Balkans, East Mediterranean, Middle East. In all these area which is of great strategic importance for the USA”

Even if the statement is fabricated it describes an imperialistic  tactic that has been followed throughout history. A tactic used by powerful nations over weaker ones. A tactic used by those who are pushing for globalisation. Greek governments are  just observing as the systematic tearing down of Greek culture and heritage takes place. They are messing up so much that it can only be intentional. 

Politicians Don’t Want an Inspired and Free Population

Politicians have historically wanted a subdued, fearful population with no dignity that does no react to unfavourable political decisions and actions. During the years of economic crisis anyone trying to inspire the Greeks by reminding them of their heritage and history has been ignored or automatically labelled as far-right and a racist by the mainstream media and ruling political parties. Politicians wanting to go with the flow of mainstream media and conditioned public opinion have kept their mouth shout in fear of unfavourable labelling.

Politicians Are Simply Uncultured, Uneducated and Unaware.

Greek politicians in position of power do not have the insight to appreciate the potential benefits of promoting Greek history and culture. Firstly, they are unaware of the wealth of the country’s heritage. They cannot see how culture can be part of a successful country strategy. Secondly, the majority of politicians blindly or unwillingly state that the future of Greece lies with complying with every order that comes from the European Union. In doing so we have to diminish any sense of pride. 

Politicians Have a Career to Manage

Like in most countries, Greek politicians manage their career. They will not take a risk to start groundbreaking projects. Reminding the Greeks and the world of the country’s true potential and its historical would  be portrayed as a controversial undertaking by the media and those that serve the interests of those ruling us. A politician leading such an initiative could be threatened or may have to abandon his parliamentary salary and do some real work for a living.

Political Correctness Gone Crazy

In this day an age promoting your heritage or your countries contribution to the world is frowned upon by pseudoliberals under the preface of globalisation. The excuse is the misuse of the concept of “we are all one”. Political correctness dictates that if you are too vocal and proud of your nations achievements you may offend a minority.


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