Greek inscription found on the UFO Roswell crash in 1947


The Roswell case is probably the most famous UFO case and marks the beginning of the UFO obsessions and sparked the curiosity of millions.

Looking at all the evidence and interviews of witnesses and participants of the operations that followed the UFO crashing we are inclined to believe that this case is genuine. There are some threads of the story that have not received so much attention. One of these thread is the claimed writing found on one a metallic beam belonging to the alien craft that was collected at the UFO crash site . The metallic beam is showcased on a video in which alien artifacts from the crash site are presented.

It is difficult to know if the video is 100% genuine. In the video the officer initially holds the beam upside down as he does not recognize the letters to be something familiar. This could be evidence that the whole thing was not staged and provides some signs that the whole thing could be genuine.

greek roswell beam 01

There is debate on whether the video is trustworthy or a hoax. Both sides present arguments. It is difficult to be a 100% sure. Those that support the video as genuine claim that the video correlates with witness testimonies. On the other hand those that consider it a hoax claim that all Roswell videos out there are hoaxes and probably made by the same person.


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