Humanity Destroyed and Resurfaced Many Times in the Past


The idea that the world has undergone many cycles in the past in which civilizations peaked and where later destroyed opposes the traditional approach of mainstream historians. Research in to ancient scriptures provides clues that this idea was part of the available knowledge in ancient times. When studying ancient civilization in the perspective of traditional/textbook timelines one gets the feeling that vital knowledge was suddenly and inexplicably acquired.

The book of Plato “Timaeus” provides some interesting clues on the topic. When Solon visited Egypt the Egyptian priest mentioned:

None of the knowledge is new and you will not discover anything that was not known in the past. Humanity has been destroyed many times in the past. At the end of each period only a few survive that ignore knowledge and education. Then, everything start from the beginning; like childer who are ignorant of all that happened in the past.

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