The Invisible Eremites of Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a state located in the north of Greece reserved to Christian orthodox monks. The mountainous peninsula hosts 20 monasteries. According to tradition and anecdotal testimonies, a group of monks known as the “invisible eremites” (some also refer to them as the “naked eremites”, the “mystic elders”) dwell on the most remote areas of the mountainous region. There are testimonies by the monks living in the monasteries and visitors confirming the existence of these supernatural monks which seem to have transcended beyond the body since they have the ability to vibrate at higher frequencies.

It is said that the invisible eremites are 7 or 12 in total and do not wear clothes. They make themselves visible to a few chosen ones and have no need for water or food. Their mission is continuous prayer in favour of all the world. When one of the group dies then a someone, usually a local monk is chosen to replace the deceased eremite and receives a calling to find them and join them. Some believe that at times of national crisis the 12 eremites meet at the peak of mount Athos to pray and send positive energy. 

Many of the monks living permanently at mount Athos are reluctant to share what they know about the invisible eremites. Testimonies speak of naked eremites with the ability to appear and disappear. During these encounters the supernatural eremites provide help and guidance  to the people they meet. Many visitors and monks wandering on mount Athos have testified to have felt the presence of someone watching them. In some cases they have appeared out of nowhere to say something or just stand silent and then disappear.

The Lluminous Eremite

An artist of religious paintings that frequently visited mount Athos would often take after dark walks with his torch. While walking in one night he suddenly heard loud snaps coming from the trees and the bushes. He drew his torch towards the direction of the sound and instinctively picked up something from the ground that could serve as a weapon (stone or branch) fearing that a large animal was approaching. He heard the snapping sounds again. Under the torch light he could clearly see a slim luminous silhouette, a naked man with a long beard that reached his knees. The bright entity gently smiled at him, prayed and disappeared without saying a word. The visitor stood amazed with an immense feeling of unlimited love. 

The Running Eremite on the Beach

One important testimony, comes from a visitor (by the name of Trifonas) who stayed on one of the monasteries by the sea who considered himself an atheist and a sceptic. After settling down, he decided to take a walk on the beach. While enjoying the scenery and the serenity, he suddenly saw a slim half naked man with a long beard on the beach running towards him at an incredible speed waving with his hands. The eremite shouted “Trifonas, I saw God, I spoke to him” When the two came close the eremite gasping fro breath stopped and said “Trifonas, I am very happy today; that is why I´m running”. Before he could make sense of the whole experience and ask the eremite how he knew his name the eremite disappeared. When he shared his story with the monks they told him that he had seen one of the 12 invisible ones.

Sounds of Prayer in the Middle of Nowhere

A few years back a group visiting mount Athos for a few days, decided to go for a walk in nature. At some point one of the group threw some stones down a gorge which lied in front of them. Two of the group who were not priest joked, saying that maybe an eremite was at the bottom of the gorge. Trying to convince them that there joke was not far fetched, the old monk who was with the group talked to them about the tradition of the invisible eremites. When they arrived back to their remote hut the group attempted to start the electricity generator. After many attempts they failed and used candles and a petrol lamp instead.The monk accompanying the group had fallen asleep inside the hut and the other three of the group sat at the hut;s entrance chatting. While chatting, they all noticed a voice coming from further down the stream next to the hut. They could hear someone shouting in the middle of nowhere in a state of ecstasy praying to god but most of the words were in audible. They woke up the monk to hear the mysterious distant prayers. In a  few moments the voice stopped and the three friends decided to go to sleep. But the monk decided to stay awake to experience the voice again. After half an hour the voice started again singing religious hymns and praying.

The next morning they all looked towards the location from where the voice was coming the night before trying to understand what had happened and to find evidence of someone’s presence. They didn’t find anything. Later in the day, the group descended to the nearby monastery. At the monastery they described their experience but the local monks confirmed that it would be almost impossible for someone to had been there the night before since the area is impenetrable.


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