Ireland 1956: Farmer Held Mini UFO in his Hands

In 1956 an unusual encounter between a farmer and a mini UFO took place in Derry, Ireland. The farmer was able to hold the small UFO in his hands before it flew off. Maybe the object was what we would call nowadays a drone. However its propulsion technology is unknown. Was it human or alien technology?

On the noon of September 7th 1956, John Hutchinson and his wife were at their farmhouse when they saw an object descending at a distance of 250 meters. The UFO landed on a valley and  stood motionless, the farmer put on his boots and headed towards the object. He had to take a detour as part of the terrain was very wet due to heavy rain. After 10 minutes he was next to the object. He found it on the only dry piece of land about 2 meters away from a stream. The object had the shape of an elongated sphere with a maximum diameter of 90 cm and a minimum of 60 cm; it was red with four white lines round the middle and appeared to have a rubber-like surface.

Hutchinson approached the object and kicked it over  but the object returned back to its original position. After seeing no further reaction he picked up the object from its base and kept it at arms length. The minute he picked  up the object (weighing a little bit less than a kilo) it started to spin. It span for 3 minutes while the farmer was holding it from its stationary base; Initially  anticlockwise and then clockwise. His intention was to take the object home. He tried to turn it over but for some reason he was unable to do it. The object did not attempt to escape. Although it was a wet day the object appeared completely dry as if an invisible field kept water and moisture away from its surface.

At some moment he put the mini UFO on the ground to allow him to make some way through a hedge with both of his hands. Then, the object started to ascend vertically while still spinning with the four white lines round the middle emitting a bright light.

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