James Worson: A Runner’s Paranormal Disappearance

It is said that on September 3rd 1873, James Worson a shoemaker from Warwickshire England, literally disappeared into thin air in front of two witnesses without leaving any trace behind.

He was keeping in very good physical condition and some friends challenged him to prove it. James Worson accepted the challenge of running the 32 kilometre distance from Leamington Spa to Coventry. Two of his friends, Hammerson Burns and Barham Wise followed him closely on a horse carriage never leaving him out of sight. Worson would often turn around to share some words with his friends.

Worson covered the first kilometres in a good mood. Suddenly he lost his balance and seemed to stumble forward screaming. Before hitting the ground he disappeared into thin air. The two witnesses could not explain the incident. Wise who was a photographer managed to take some pictures of the ground in which one could see some last few footsteps indicating staggering and nothing after that. A search was organised but no body was ever found. At the spot where Worson disappeared search dogs were reluctant to approach. The search teams were clueless. Burns and Wise were considered prime suspects for the disappearance but the investigation did not find anything to support the accusations.

Every year millions of people all over the world just disappear leaving no trace behind. Could some of these disappearances be cases of  spontaneous paranormal disappearances? 

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