John Lennon’s UFO Encounter

John Lennon is one of the few public figures that went public with his UFO encounter during the 70s. His encounter took place on August 23rd, 1974, at 9 pm in New York. That evening, Lennon was standing on the roof of his Manhattan apartment.

At a stone throw’s distance less than 100 meters, he saw a UFO cruising between the high rise buildings. The craft was silent. Lennon could still hear the car traffic from the streets below. His girlfriend and personal assistant at the time May Pan was drying off after having a shower. She heard Lennon call her name from the roof, she ran to him and found him standing  naked and pointing to the the sky.

They looked at the object for about 5 to 10 minutes. The UFO was disc shaped; it had blinking lights at around the periphery of the bottom part and a red light on top. According to May Pang the craft was approximately the size of a Lear jet. The next day Lennon had a friend contact the police and some newspapers to enquire witnesses had come forward.  A local newspaper told them that seven people had called in and the police received three reports.

Click on the video below to watch footage of John Lennon describing his UFO experience.


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