The Kera Case: Unmanned Mini UFO Caught in Japan

We tend to think of UFOs as unknown craft with a crew. However, there are also some rare cases of small unmanned UFOs. One such case was documented in Japan. The case took place on August 25th 1972 in the Kera area in the Japanese city of Kochi. On the afternoon of that day, 13 year old student Michio Seo was on his way back from school when he noticed a small hat shaped object hovering over the rice fields.

The object was metallic and had a matte finish (not shiny). Its flight was like that of a bat. The teenager tried to get close to the object but was immediately discouraged by a beam of light that temporarily blinded him. Afraid, he decided to leave the scene as he did not want to provoke the mini UFO further. He run to tell his friends about his strange experience. Without thinking too much, Michio and four of his friends decided to go back to the rice fields and try to make sense of the mysterious flying object. 

The group remained at the rice field for some time on the lookout. Eventually the object returned. Once the sun had set and there was not much light the object started to emit an intermittent multi-color light.  One of the teenagers tried to approach the object but the UFO emitted a deafening sound and turned into an intense blue.The teens terrified, left the rice field and returned to their homes.

After a week, the group returned to the scene to investigate. On September 4th, the group saw the small UFO hovering at a height of one meter above the rice fields. Once again, the object started to emit lights and scared the group off. The next day, the group returned to the scene; this time with a camera but the object did not appear. On September 6th, the group encountered the unknown object again. On their way to the rice fields they saw the mini UFO on the ground and took a photo. The moment they took the photo, the object started to turn around its own axis as if it was provoked by the camera´s flash light. Once the UFO was in the air the group took a second photo. Then, the object emitted a bright light and fell on the ground.

One of the teens Hiroshi Mori approached the object and decided to pick it up. At picking up the object he noticed that something was turning in its interior. The object was taken by the group, covered in blankets and  put in a backpack. One of the first things the group did was to measure the object. It had had a width of 20.32 cm (8 inches) and a height of 10 cm (4 inches) and weighed approximately 1 kg (2.2 pounds). It’s base had a series of concentric circles; 31 holes and 3 engravings representing a bird, a flying object and something that resembles clouds.

The object’s base

The teens wanted to get an adult’s opinion and took the object to the father of one of the boys, Mutsuo who was the director of the Kochi Center of Scientific Education. Mutsuo did not take the artifact seriously and did not dedicate too much time. After the Mutuo’s superficial examination the object returned to the backpack of one of the boys. The next day, to their surprise the object disappeared. However, during the next two weeks the object was seen by the group. Once again, the group managed to capture the object once more but again it disappeared. Trying to make sense of things the group realised that they had acquired a good understanding of the  object’s behavior pattern such as that the object was never seen during bad weather.

Knowing that wet weather was the UFO’s weak point they decided to equip themselves with a bucket of water during their next search attempt. Once again, they found the object on the ground. They quickly covered it with blankets and poured water over it. Then they turned over the object and poured water through the holes. The object´s started to shine and make a buzzing noise. After taking it home once again, the boys tried to dismantle it; initially with care but after not achieving results they opted for the violent approach (such as the use of a hammer). The object was not dented nor scratched, it remained intact. Next morning the object had disappeared once again. 

The team did not give up and was able to capture for one last time. They wanted to witness how the object was able to escape the backpack. Following the by now usual method, they put it inside a backpack but this time tied ropes around it and tied it to the wrist of one of the boys. At a certain moment the boy tied to the backpack felt a tug. All knots were still there and there was no visible mark on the backpack but the object had disappeared. The group never saw the object again.

The case was forgotten until 2004 when it was made into a comic book. The case gained popularity and made the director of the Japan Space Phenomena Society, to reopen the case in 2007. The head of the JSPS, Kazuo Hayashi, was sent to speak with the remaining witnesses who confirmed the case and stuck to their original testimonies. Was the object man made? It seems that the object was insisting and made itself available to the group. Was it collecting information? Who was controlling it?

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