How Low Can You Go? British Museum Using Exhibits to Organise Erotic Treasure Hunts

In an effort to increase revenues and to appeal to the uncultured and to the masses succumbing to trash/reality-TV, super-market and sex culture the British Museum has decided to organise banal erotic treasure hunts only for adults.  The erotic treasure hunts will take place inside the museum halls during regular museum times.

For the organisers sculptures of naked men and women or representations of fertility such as the phallus of Priapus will be presented as pornographic artifacts. Nothing original, visitors will look at statues make comments about penises and other parts of the human body; take some photos and share them on social media.

One again, the British Museum proves to be unworthy of promoting the heritage of the most important ancient civilizations. Some years ago the British Museum organised dinner parties in the hall where the Parthenon Sculptures are exhibited. Now it organises adults-only treasure hunts. What next? 

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