Lucid Dreaming: Waking Up in Your Dream to Change Your Life

Lucid dreaming is about waking up in your dream and becoming aware you are in a dream. When you realise that you are dreaming, you can immerse yourself (spontaneously or by following some techniques) in the dream to such an extent that the dream becomes real, just like we experience things in the awake state. Once present and conscious in your dream you are in a position to actually interact with your subconscious and work together in directing your dream in any way you like. Becoming lucid in your dream can give us a lot of pleasure. We can have fun in our dreams; meet friends; visit fantastic places, fly, do sports and satisfy our sexual fantasies.

There is however a more beneficial reason  for engaging in lucid dreaming that goes beyond our pleasure-seeking self. We can use lucid dreams to better understand ourselves, remove blocks and fear and make positive change in our lives. According to Charlie Morley, a charismatic teacher of lucid dreaming, we can enter our dreams and meet and interact with our negative aspects and fears (dark shadows) and our higher self (golden shadows).

In his workshops, Charlie Morley teaches that your fears and problems manifest in your dreams and if you become lucid in your dream you can work towards resolving those fears. By embracing fearful situations or beings in your dreams you are integrating your conscious and subconscious fears. If you see a monster chasing you, you can become lucid in your dream turn around, show love and hug it or seek to communicate with it. Through these techniques,people who practice lucid dreaming have been able to confront, understand and integrate their fears and move forward in their lives. Others have even been able to resolve phobias and addictions such as smoking.

Charlie Morley also teaches techniques to become lucid and call-out for your higher-self or golden shadow. If you are looking for new direction in your life, with these techniques you can tap into your unconscious and discover what is your true calling in this life. Meditation can deliver the same results. However, according to Charlie Morley, Tibetan Buddhists monks claim that one lucid dream in which you really work with yourself can be as powerful as a week of meditation.

I have recently attended a lucid dreaming workshop by Charlie and have seen first-hand the potential. Of course reaching this level of  lucid dreaming abilities is not easy. If you have genuine enthusiasm , discipline and follow the techniques taught you will eventually become lucid.

For more information you can visit Charlie´s youtube channel 

Charlie Morley

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