The Man Who Saw an Alien Base on the Moon


In 1965 Karl Wolfe worked for the department of intelligence at the headquarters of the  tactical air command. Wolfe was part of the the technical team. The events took place while he was stationed in Langley Field, Virginia.  Ath that time, Langley Filed site was the central hub for the collection of data coming from the Lunar Orbiter project. At Langley Field the information was converted into lunar photos and other critical or top secret data. As a technician, Wolfe was one of the few that had clearance to access the image and photo processing equipment.

One day that Wolfe’s boss Staff Sergeant Taylor went up to him and said that they were having problems with the equipment used for the Lunar Orbiter project. The photographic and printing equipment used in the Lunar Orbiter project based in the NSA (National Security Agency)  facilities was practically the same to the ones that Wolfe had experience with.

One day the NSA equipment failed and Wolfe was the only suitable technician on duty. Although his duties did not include work for the NSA, an exception was made since it was considered critical to get the equipment fixed and Wolfe was invited. To be allowed access to the top secret laboratory the authorities raised his clearance level. When he entered the labs,  he was surprised to see so much activity around him. He had never seen so many people in other similar labs before. There were people from several different countries in the building with guest name tags. He guessed that something extraordinary was happening.

After a few minutes Wolfe was taken to the photographic equipment in a nearby dark room. He sensed panic and urgency around him but did not know why. In the darkroom, only an airman was there to greet him. It was decided that the equipment would be transported to another room so that Wolfe could start his troubleshooting. As arrangements were being made to move the equipment. Wolfe chatted with the airman. Wolfe was told that all the NASA image information was downloaded, enhanced and printed at the location. 

Wolfe was told that recent enhanced images had clearly shown artificial structures on the surface of the dark side of the Moon. The airman referred to the structures as “the base on the back side of the Moon”. As Wolfe stood in disbelief the airman presented the evidence. Looking at the photographs under the red light of the dark room, he could make out organised geometric structures such as tall towers and spherical buildings. Between the structures he could see a radar antenna similar to the ones on Earth. Now, the unusual activity in the base made sense. Probably foreign delegates had come to the base to be presented with this extraordinary information.

Wolfe realised he had accessed top secret information. He was not supposed to see those photographs. Wolfe decided to finish his job, not ask questions and go on with his life and not share information for many years to come.

Sgt. Karl Wolfe revealed his story on an interview give for the Sirius Disclosure Project.



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