Marcello Bacci: Communicating With The Dead Through an Old Radio

Marcello Bacci is the protagonist of one the most amazing stories of communication with spirits. Bacci discovered a way to have interactive communication with the other side through the use of an old radio. Bacci’s sessions in Grosseto, Italy, were attended by thousands through the years wanting to communicate with their deceased loved ones. From the available participant testimonies we know that they were able to hear the voices of their loved ones and communicate.

Could this be a hoax? Not likely, as the sessions started in 1974 and went on for more than 20 years. Who could maintain a hoax for such a long time without any sophisticated equipment and without financial gain (Bacci never asked for money from the participants).

Bacci started to experiment with the use of electronic appliances to communicate with the other side after learning about the work of Friedrich Jurgenson who was able to record voices on his recorder through the use of microphones. Jurgenson and Bacci met on a few occasions and conducted joint experiments.Voices on one of the early recordings instructed him to try radios. After working with a number of radios including a World War II  military radio he  kept to an old radio, one of those you would typically find in the living rooms before the television era.

In every session, Bacci used the white noise on the short-wave radio frequency (SW) in a frequency ranging from 7 to 9 MHZ. After 10 to 20 minutes into the session the white noise would stop and would be replaced by a wind sound that would be repeated a few times. After a few moments of silence communication would start. A voice of a usually unidentified spirit acting as a moderator would establish a dialogue with Bacci and the session attendants.In many cases these voices acting as moderators would explicitly refer to themselves as spirit beings. The moderators also intended to provide solace to the parents attending the session wanting to know about their deceased loved ones by explaining that is not the end; that a new life awaits after death and that their loved ones will only suffer if they suffer.

Marcello Bacci in front of the old radio

During the final part of the sessions personal contacts would be made between the deceased and their loved ones attending the session. Attendants have claimed that they could clearly hear the voice of their loved one. The deceased would usually reassure the attendants that they are well on the other side. Bacci claims that sometimes the spirits cause the materialisation of objects. For example, on as session with the spirit of a person that died in sea and his body was never found, sea shells and starfish have been confirmed to have materialised by the father of the deceases.

Until now, no logical explanation has been found. Bacci removed the tubes from the radio’s circuit but the voices could still communicate through the radio. Also, the phenomenon persisted intermittently for two minutes and twenty seconds after Bacci switched off the radio. In some case, when Bacci was away from the room of the experiments, some of his friends have tried to establish contacts by operating the same radio, but without any result.

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