Could Some Mental Illnesses Have a Paranormal Explanation?

Could some mental illnesses be a consequence of a paranormal phenomena? Maybe the person we rush to  label as crazy is actually in contact with other realms and dimensions or is possessed or communicates with a spirit. A significant number of people locked in psychiatric hospitals are probably misdiagnosed as mentally ill and condemned to spend the rest of their lives without  a solution to their problems.

For example, psychiatrists, when dealing with someone who claims to see people or entities that nobody else can, will make a diagnosis within the confines of their science excluding any other possibility assuming that psychiatry has an answer to everything. They will propose medication to sedate the patient and reduce symptoms and if they consider the patient dangerous they will have him locked-up in a psychiatric hospital. Most often, the possibility of looking for a solution beyond psychiatry will not  cross the mind of a psychiatrist and unfortunately will not be considered by the “patient´s” family.

If you take schizophrenia you will see that symptoms include hallucinations (e.g.seeing manifestations or people that nobody else can see), hearing voices, delusions, distortion of self experience (e.g. feeling that the words you utter and your thoughts are not your own but somehow inserted); remaining motionless in bizarre postures or suddenly turning silent for some time. A few hours of research will indicate that similar symptoms occur with people who are possessed or followed by spirits or entities.

Some psychiatrists with an open mind that see beyond the limits of their science are realising that there is something else happening with their patients but in fear of losing their jobs and scientific credibility keep quiet. Recently we interviewed someone who told us about the situation of the sister in-law of a close friend. The lady started to see the entity of a man dressed in a black cape and a hat. The man followed her everywhere, would stand by her bedside, be next to her when she brushed her teeth and never leave her in peace. The entity would constantly say negative things to her (e.g. that she will never amount to anything).

The solution to her problem was to go to a psychiatrist that diagnosed schizophrenia and gave some medications. The woman and her family never looked for an alternative solution such as contacting a medium to intervene with the entity. For the last years the woman is in a mental institution and dependent on medications. 

Photo: “My Eyes at the Moment of the Apparitions” by German artist August Natterer, who had schizophrenia

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