Mysterious Line Pattern Appears on a Frozen Lake

A mysterious line pattern spanning for more than 2 kilometres appeared on a frozen lake in Iceland during March 2017. The images of this strange pattern at lake Thingvallavatn were shared on he Thingvellir National Park Facebook page on March 9th. The pattern was discovered by a local who claims to have never seen anything remotely similar in the area.

The lines cannot be attributed to any know natural phenomenon. The lines are surely not cracks; the pattern of successive horizontal and perpendicular lines does not remind us of any naturally occurring pattern found in nature. Furthermore it was observed that the lines were not close to any ice cracks found on the lake at the time.

This formation reminded many of crop formations that are also inexplicable and are often attributed to unknown or alien technologies. Could this be one of the first ice formations and should we expect more to come? Could this be a dangerous prank? The spokesperson of the Thingvellir National Park has offered a logical theory that is not convincing the locals. According to the spokesperson the lines are a result of the “finger rafting” phenomenon a process in which a layer of ice is placed on top of a newer layer of ice and the pressure created can result in patterns.


Photos: Thingvellir National Park / Facebook

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