Mystery of Underwater Geometric Formations Solved


Yoji Ookata a professional scuba diver and explorer, discovered circular geometric formations on the sea bed off the coast of Japan (near the city Amami Oshima). The underwater geometric formations were found at a depth of 80 metres, were made from sand; had a high degree of accuracy and measured about 2 meters in diameter. These intriguing sand carvings were coined as underwater crop circles. Was this the making of an alien intelligence? A worldly explanation seemed improbable until Yoji Ookata noticed what was really happening.

Despite her many years of experience, Yoji had never seen anything like this and could not give a rational explanation. Shortly she returned to the spot with some colleagues and a TV camera crew. After a few hours of filming the mystery was solved. It was confirmed that the circular formations were carved by a type of small puffer-type fish (few centimetres long). All it took to create these high precision carvings was a small fish with a mission.

The scientists observed that the carved circles served a number of activities, including the attraction of females for mating. The theory is that females are attracted by the carvings and follow the series of mountains and valley until they meet with the male at the centre of the the formation. Eggs are laid on the centre of the formation where they are protected from the underwater currents by the formations series of grooves. 

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