Nobel Peace Prize: Just a Joke on the People who Really Deserve it

The committee for awarding the Nobel peace prize has made some absurd choices through the years. What are they criteria? Are the criteria objective? It seems that the Nobel peace prize committee has some strange ideas about peace. In a number of cases, it has been awarded to American war-hungry presidents and politicians, clearly in an effort to support the US agenda and influence public opinion and perception.

On October 9th 2009, the Nobel committee awarded the Nobel peace prize to Barack Obama. A few days later Obama sends 30,000 soldiers to Afghanistan and accepts the prize in December 2009. Obama justified the dispatch of 30,000 soldiers by stating that sometimes war is needed to achieve peace. At that time Obama maintained two wars (Lybia and Syria) in which the US was the clear aggressor.

Back in 1906, Theodore Roosevelt was also awarded the Nobel peace prize for bringing Japan and Russia to the negotiation table which lead to a settlement and prevented further conflict. Some years before Roosevelt had introduced the interventionist policy; that the USA would choose to intervene anywhere in the world if it served its interests. In 1903 the New Panama Canal Company instigated a revolution with the consent of Roosevelt to separate Panama from Colombia and serve American interests better. In 1905 the USA invaded the Dominican Republic and took control of government.

Woodrow Wilson, the US president from 1913 to 1921 received a Nobel peace prize in 1919. Two years before the US had joined World War I under his command.

Cordell Hull secretary of the state from 1933 to 1944 advised Roosvelt in 1939 to send back to Europe a ship of more than 1000 exiled Jews. Many of the Jews re-entering Nazi Germany died in concentration camps. Nevertheless, Hull receives a Nobel peace prize in 1945.

The nomination of the Nobel peace prize to Henry Kissinger in 1973 is considered as one of the most controversial to date. Two members of the committee resigned in protest. That year Kissinger worked closely with president Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected government of Chile and impose a dictator; Augusto Pinochet.

In 2012 the European Union won the prize for 60 years of advancing peace and democracy in Europe. At a time when the EU was destroying economies through policies of austerity and blackmail (in the case of Greece).

It seems that in some cases the Nobel prize committee trying to distract us and confuse by nominating awards to individuals and entities that do not have a real history of peace. The Nobel peace prize has been abused to push agendas and to promote a western perspective on world politics.

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