You Are Not Immortal; But Are You Conscious Of Your Own Mortality?

No one will ever claim that they will live forever. In fact we are probably the only species on Earth that is aware of its own mortality. But, most of the time our behaviour, worldviews and way of dealing with life indicates that subconsciously we are not aware of our own mortality. It may seem that the moment we realise that we will eventually die is terrifying but in fact it can be an important milestone of liberation and inspiration.

Caught up on everyday impulsive behaviour, “things-to-do”, becoming fearful and getting caught in meaningless anxiety we forget to appreciate the experience of just being alive; just existing. We do not take action; we seem to postpone everything challenging for some other day; we hold grudges, avoid sharing emotions and reaching out to people. We subconsciously believe that there is enough time granted to us to work on these things some time in the future when the time will be perceived as right. We  consider our living experience as something granted; something that is guaranteed tomorrow. The truth is that If you think about it, you realise that rising from bed alive tomorrow morning is not guaranteed. 

When you are aware of your own mortality you come to the realisation that its a miracle and a gift that you woke up in the morning to live another day. Just because you consider waking up alive every morning as something obvious and common it does not mean that it is not a miracle. Being aware of your mortality makes it easier to appreciate just existing and experiencing your self in the physical body. It may also help us to avoid procrastination and reject a life that does not suit us. By accepting the impermanence of life we realise that we need to make the most of the time that you have.

Becoming aware of your mortality is a key step to achieving conscious living. Conscious living means observing your life, appreciating everything; identifying what serves your life and then acting. In this state you also realise that every second is valuable and will never return (in fact with each second that passes you are closer to the grave). Living in a state of enhanced awareness and appreciating time as a valuable resource will enable you to make better choices and take action; life will no longer be driven by impulse and distractions

You will focus on matters with you and avoid activities and people that do not serve you. You don´t have time to spend on all the things that seem important due to your social conditioning. Time is a luxury that should be used to serve you. Forget about the time you have wasted until now doing this that didn´t serve you. Time lost cannot be retrieved so we have to focus on what we have left and focus on our inner calling and dreams.

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