OM the Universal Sound


AUM commonly known as OM is the essential vibration of creation. According to spiritual tradition everything was created from vibration and OM represents the vibration of creation and the universe and can be felt during deep meditation. 

OM is believed to be the sound  present at the beginning of the universe from which all creation spawned. When we consider that all perceived matter is condensed energy vibrating at certain frequencies that keeps sub atomic particles together then idea that creation originated from a vibration/sound is plausible.

AUM consists or the three basic sounds; A-U-M. These are the sounds that we can utter without the use of our tongue. Press your tongue down with your finger and you will see that the only sounds you can make are A-U-M. The sound commonly uttered as “O” is what we utter as we attempt to blend A and U together (O is pronounced as diphthong blending A and U together). When we utter AUM we can feel the vibration move upwards from our stomach and chest to the head. A and U generate a vibration from the stomach and chest while with M we feel the vibration in our head.

These three sounds work in the same was as the three basic colours from which all other colours are derived. From AUM all other sounds and vibrations can be created. We position our tongue in various locations in our pallet and use the vibration of the basic sounds A-U-M to produce all other sounds. As all sounds/vibrations originate from OM/AUM the traditional view that the sound represents creation makes sense.

Although we associate OM chanting with eastern traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism it is prevalent in Christianity. If you observe “AMEN” chanting from ceremonies in the Vatican or the Greek Orthodox priests of Mount Athos, they utter the “AM” part of AMEN in the same was as OM (i.e. prolonged AU and M). It seems that there is a shared knowledge between spiritual traditions and religions that has been lost or not shared with the masses.  

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