Parallel Universes: The Woman that Woke-up in our Reality

parallel universe

The idea of jumping into a parallel universe is intriguing. Parallel universes is a concept that modern physics and mathematics support but we do not have tangible evidence. Testimonies of parallel universes are mostly propagated by the stories published in books and the internet. With the intention to make us think about the possibility of parallel universes we are presenting the case of Lerina Garcia Gordo.

The case of Lerina Garcia Gordo is one of spontaneously jumping into a parallel universe and staying there. The parallel universe in which Lerina´s consciousness jumped into (our reality) was not very different from her reality. She did not find herself in the future or the past  but in a dimension in which most things remained the same but there were enough important and notable differences.

One morning in March 2008 Lerina woke up with different bedsheets and pyjamas from when she had gone to sleep in. Not paying to much attention, she got ready to go to work. At work, her desk was occupied by an unknown man, the company logo was different and she discovered that she worked in another department that had not existed the previous day. Distressed and confused as she was she left the office claiming she did not feel well.

Lerina visited a doctor but a diagnosis did not shed any light to her confusion. Once back at home she started noticing differences in the location of furniture home decorations and her clothes in the closet. In trying to make sense of the situation she walked to the apartment of her boyfriend a few blocks down the road as she was not able to contact him in any other way. Once at the apartment she discovered that her boyfriend Agustin seemed to have never existed and never lived at the apartment. Returning back home she discovered that her house was full of belongings of her ex-boyfriend Miguel. She realised that in this universe she had not broken up from her ex-boyfriend.

Not being able to escape from the parallel universe she had found herself in she took the decision to keep going with her life. She tried to find information about Agustin through her own research and a private detective but she came to a conclusion that he does not exist. Visiting a pshychiatrist dis not help to shed light to the situation.

It is said that Lerina posted the details of her story along with a plea for help on her blog in July 2008. Her blog is is no longer active. It is highly likely that she used a false name when making her story public through her blog. Whether the story is true or not it is difficult to verify since Lerina can no longer be contacted. What we can safely state is that the story is intriguing and provides food for though in the subject of parallel universes. Is this phenomenon more common than we think it is? Are experiencers afraid to openly share their stories?

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