Philip K. Dick: The Man Who Could See into the Future

Philip K. Dick was one of the most influential writers of science fiction. In his novel, “The World Jones Made” he introduced the term  “precog”, to refer to a person with precognitive abilities (see the future). In this novel, the main character can see up to one year ahead in the future. The concept of precognition was also the main theme in his subsequent books; such as “Minority Report”, “Martian Time-Slip” and “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch”.

All these precognition stories covered in his books considered fiction are in reality a disguised autobiography. The writer started having paranormal experiences while sitting entry exams for the University of California, Berkeley. During a physics exam, Philip K. Dick had a memory block and could not remember the principle of water displacement. For the first time in his life an inner voice, a consciousness experienced as something separate from himself, took over and gave him all the exam answers he could not remember and did not know. He just followed the voice’s instructions; completed the exam and got outstanding marks.

Although this voice or other consciousness disappeared for many years it eventually returned and stayed with Philip K. Dick. This happened after a surgery for a wisdom tooth and was triggered by a visitation by an enigmatic woman that came to his door to deliver painkillers (Darvon). The beautiful woman at the door was wearing a golden pendant of the “ichthys” symbol; the early christian symbol of the fish. The writer claims to have received a mesmerizing pink beam from the pendant the moment that the sun reflected on the pendant.  With time he came to believe that this pink beam gave him the ability of clairvoyance and precognition and somehow connected him with another consciousness. 

According to the author it was as if his mind had been invaded by a transcendentally rational mind that made him realize that until that moment in his life he had been insane. This consciousness always took the best decisions for Dick’s well being. It would tell him what to do, what to eat and what choices to make regarding everyday mundane things and important matters.

However, the most amazing intervention of this inner voice was when it helped him save his son’s life. One morning while he was in a state of half-awake-half-dreaming. He experienced a pink beam and received information in his mind that his newborn son had  a life-threatening health issue by birth that needed urgent medical attention. Together with his wife Teresa, they took their son to the family doctor who confirmed the voice’s diagnosis. At that moment the writer came to the conclusion that the voice was an immortal part of himself and that it had somehow accessed his mind.

With time Dick became convinced that the consciousness occupying his mind had given him the ability to see the future and was responsible for the numerous precognitive experiences he had lived. Dick experienced his precognitive abilities as another consciousness that coexisted with his conscious self. Many of us have precognitive insights but we do not pay too much attention and do not try to explore and develop this ability as it requires discipline, persistence and mindfulness. 

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