A Pilot’s Time Slip Adventure


Sir Victor Goddard of the Royal Air Force (RAF)  claimed to have had a time slip experience while flying over an airfield in Drem, Scotland.

One day in 1935 he was flying to Edinburgh from Andover England with a Hawker Hart biplane. While flying, he passed over the known site of an abandoned RAF airfield in Drem. This place had been abandoned for a considerable time. Plants had covered the ground making it a grazing land for cattle and hangars were falling apart. Goddard probably thought nothing of it as he knew about this abandoned airfield.

A few days later, Goddard took off on his trip back to Andover through the same route. Before flying over the abandoned airfield in Drem he ran into a storm of yellow clouds. The rain, wind and yellow clouds made Goddard disoriented. He increased his altitude in order to go above the clouds but the clouds seemed to have no end.  While struggling to get control of his plane the clouds unexpectedly broke and he could see the land again.

In the distance he could see Drem airfield. While flying towards the Drem airfield the storm suddenly vanished and the sky turned bright. As he flew over the airfield he realised that something was dramatically different. What seemed to be an abandoned airfield a few days back now appeared as a new and fully operating RAF airfield. He could see mechanics in blue overalls  and four planes painted in yellow sat on the runway.

Being an experienced pilot, he noticed that one of the planes was a model he had never seen before. It was a monoplane unlike anything in the Royal Air Force in 1935. He realised that the mechanics were not wearing the usual brown overalls that RAF used in 1935 but were wearing blue. Also none of the mechanics noticed him fly over the airfield.

Goddard did not have time to process this peculiar information and make sense of everything as his plane flew over the airfield. Once he passed over the airfield the storm had returned and he was again inside yellow clouds. After a while he was able to come out of the storm and land at his home base in Andover.

He spoke of his experience to some of his colleagues and friend but he was met with skepticism. Afraid of being ridiculed and putting his career at risk he kept quiet about his experience for some years.

A few years later, Goddard eventually had the proof needed to convince himself that back in 1935 he had experienced a time slip. In 1939 the Drem airfield had been reopened and become operational. Also the RAF changed the color of its training planes to yellow and introduced a new monoplane, the Magister. Everything matched Goddard’s time slip experience. Even the mechanics overalls had been updated to blue.

It seems that Goddard experienced a time slip; an unintentional journey in time. His story is retold in his 1975 book, “Flight Towards Reality”. 


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