Plato: A collection of quotes


Plato is one of the most important philosophers and thinkers of all times. Plato’s philosophical thinking and work constitute a timeless area of research and analysis. Even if you are not aware of Plato’s work the following quotes will make you think and appreciate the values that the philosopher wanted to share with the world.

Knowledge without justice should be known as cunningness and not intelligence.

A True doctor is the ruler of the body, not the exploiter.

Education is power that heals the soul.

The knowledge gained by coercion is not retained in memory.

It is impossible to improve the world without first improving oneself.

I do not know anything else, for which a reasonable person would have to care more, other than how his child will become a better person.

All wars happen for the acquisition of wealth.

For values to have any sense they need to be universal.

Be kind because every person you meet is going through his own struggles.

All people are are by nature equal; made from the same clay, from the same Constructor and no matter how much we try to fool ourselves the poor farmer is as loved by God as the powerful prince.

Dictatorship arises naturally from democracy and the crudest form of tyranny and slavery arises from extreme political liberty.

Excessive liberty, whether that applies to the state or the individual seems to lead to excessive slavery.

Complete ignorance is not so bad and is far from being an extreme evil but great intelligence and knowledge when accompanied by bad upbringing are far more destructive.

Knowledge becomes something bad if the objective is not virtuous.

The human; a being in search of meaning.

Between hundred a hero will be born, between a thousand a wise man will be found, but a complete personality may not be found even between a hundred thousand men.

Opinion lies between knowledge and ignorance.

A society without poor or rich will always have the most noble principles and values

The greatest wealth is to live satisfied with little.

The most virtuous people are those which are content with being virtuous without seeking to appear as such.

There are two things for which people should never get angry about; things that can be fixed and those that cannot be fixed.

Nobody gets harmed by repeating something good.

We easily forgive a child that is afraid of darkness; the real tragedy is when adults are afraid of the light.

We have to consider it of great importance to take care that the first stories heard by children are adjusted as to promote virtue.

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