Political correctness: Covert oppression of opinion & individualism


The democratic and universal values of freedom of speech; the right to pursue your dreams and self-development and expression are under threat by the paranoia of political correctness. The U.S.A and western Europe are the leaders in cultivating senseless political correctness.

Political correctness is a morality system that stems from minority rights. Under the preface of minority rights, minority group are inoculated from direct, indirect or potential criticism. The idea behind political correctness is that you should not voice your opinion on subjects that could potentially touch, insult or challenge the enforced western mainstream ideology, way of life or social group. Using the protection of minority social groups as an excuse you are stigmatised for voicing your opinion. In this case the so called “victims” become the greatest tyrants. Being political correct implies that we all have to think and act and react in the same way as the misguided mainstream to avoid the slight tension, debate or exchange of arguments. In such an environment, those that voice their opinion could face consequences and be sidelined by the rest.

Using the excuse of social sensitivity and decency, political correctness is forcing people to conform. If you are against uncontrolled immigration or a concerned that the teachings of Islam are fundamentally violent you can be torn into pieces by the masses and portrayed as a racist, in the west only white people are racist. 

In these times of changes people have to feel free to voice their opinion and criticise. Political Correctness is just another instrument to keep people silent . In the name of tolerance and justice, political correctness delivers more intolerance and injustice.

A quote from actor Charlton Heston sums it up: “Political Correctness is Tyranny with manners”.

Watch this thought provoking video about the tyranny of political correctness in education.

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