Political correctness “Made in Sweden” gone insane

political oppression

Freedom of expression and diversity of opinion is under threat in Sweden. Sweden is turning against itself by exercising extreme political correctness. It seems that a type of mind control and conditioning is taking place by the media and authorities with the objective to eliminate national and cultural identity and to shut the voices against mainstream opinion (especially around uncontrolled immigration) as formed by the mainstream media.

According to news reports, Sweden’s state-funded TV broadcaster has ordered its staff not to use the word “immigrant” as it may be considered offensive and politically incorrect. The directives also states that staff should not use the words “black“, “dark skinned“, or “African origin” in a negative context. But terms such as “white”, “fair skinned” in the same negative context can be used without a problem. Also, it states that  anyone who is accused of racism or discrimination is not to be given time on -air to defend themselves. The above directives remind us of what one would expect in the old communist regimes and modern totalitarian regimes like North Korea.

The case above is not an isolated case. School master Pär Blondell banned students from wearing clothes with the Swedish colours and emblems on photographs used on the class yearbook. The excuse being that some may regard them as racist and be offended. 

A bishop in Stockholm (Eva Brunne) proposed the removal of symbols from a Christian church and replacement with Islamic symbols to provide a prayer service for Muslims. Welcoming immigrants is fair and noble without regard to religion but in this case the bishop demonstrated insensitivity towards the local population. This is exactly the problem with political correctness; it ignores the rights and values of one social group with the excuse of protecting another social group. 

Swedish media under the premise of political correctness is largely responsible for cultivating the the idea that anyone opposing current immigration policies is automatically a racist. In a society based on consensus individuals have censored themselves because of fear of being socially excluded and criticised.


Photo Credit: FreeImages.com / Miguel Ugalde

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