Power of Self Healing. Patients Undergo Fake Knee Surgery and Get Well.

The power of auto-suggestion and self-healing in many cases is attributed in clinical trials as the placebo effect. A placebo is a fake medicine or treatment that does not contain any active ingredient meant to change the health of a patient. Placebos are basically used as a kind of baseline to measure the performance of new drugs. In clinical trials, researchers can compare the effects of the drug to the placebo that does not contain an active ingredient. In this way, they can determine the effectiveness of the new drug. If the drug does not perform better than then placebo, the drug it is considered unsuccessful.  For the pharmaceuticals the power of auto suggestion and self-healing are phenomena which are intentionally ignored as they pose a threat to them. If everybody was convinced that they could self-heal then there would be no need for medicine.

Suprisingly, the placebo effect has also been demonstrated in the case of surgeries. Volunteers suffering from severe arthritis were selected for an experiment to compare the effectiveness of the surgical procedure. The experiment subjects were divided into three groups. Two groups would have the recommended surgical procedure but the third would unknowingly have a fake procedure. Those in the third group had no evidence that they were having a fake operation. Until the last minute the surgeon would not know if they would perform a real or fake surgery. Once in the operating theatre the surgeon would open an envelope read the instructions but not announce it to the rest of the team. The letter would be passed silently to all the staff. Those selected for the placebo surgery would also have a general anesthetic; then, the surgeon would make the incision on the knee area. The whole team in the operating room would mimic the procedure from start to end making sure that it lasts for as long as the actual operation.

The study took two years to be completed. Results showed that both the real and placebo surgery were equally successful. The recipients of the fake surgery could not believe that they did not actually receive the normal treatment. With time the patients came to terms with the idea that each one of us has the ability to self-heal.

Many doctors and surgeons empirically know that the attitude of their patients can determine the outcome of treatments and surgeries but almost nobody speaks about this or is willing to study it a wide scale. It is no surprise that pharmaceuticals go to lengths to control medical science and all conventional treatments. Revealing the power of self-healing would definitely damage their profitability.

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