Proof: Greek and Egyptian civilizations older than 8,000BC


In Plato’s book Timaeus (pronounced Teemeos in Greek), Plato writes about a discussion held between Solon the Athenian (639-559BC) and an Egyptian priest in Egypt. In one part of document, the priest mentions that the Egyptian scripts of the time provide proof that Egypt has a history of 8,000 years (since 8,500 BC) and that the Athenian civilization is 1000 years older (9,500BC).

The part in Timaios translates as follows:

Egyptian Priest:

“For our course in history until now, the sacred scriptures give the number of 8000 years. I will talk to you about your fellow townspeople that appeared 9000 years ago; I will talk to you about for their laws and for the most wonderful deed they did. The details of this we can discuss in our own time by looking at the documents. Look at their laws (old Athenians) in comparison to our because many examples of what applied then for you (Athenians) applies now here (Egypt).”

It is surprising how such compelling and exciting evidence is not common knowledge. A quick look at various mainstream sources gives the impression that Greek and Egyptian civilizations only started around 3000 and 1200 BC respectively. Such misrepresentations of the breadth of civilizations is done both intentionally by some researchers and through ignorance by those that read and repeat information uncritically. 

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