Remote Viewing Used by CIA to Explore Mars

Remote viewing has been used by the CIA in a range of investigations. A declassified CIA document reveals that remote viewing was used to explore Mars but not how it is today but rather 1 million years ago. The technique involves a remote viewer and a monitor. The remote viewer does not know the objective of the session beforehand. The monitor prepares a sealed envelope containing the mission. During the session the monitor does not reveal information on the mission but only provides guidance and helps the remote viewer to focus on the parts of the remote viewing that are considered more important.

In this case the sealed envelope contained the following mission:

“The planet Mars. Time of  interest approximately 1 million years ago.”

On a number of  occasions he remote viewer describes structures, including pyramids. All quotes that follow are unedited quotes from the CIA report.

  • Remote Viewer: ……. I want to say it looks like ah………..I don’t know it sort of looks like …..I kind of got an oblique view of a pyramid or pyramid form. It’s very high. It’s kind of sitting in a large depressed area.
  • Monitor: All right
  • Remote Viewer: It’s yellowish, ah…..okra coloured.

The second reference on pyramids describes pyramid-like structures possibly used as shelters from storms.

  • Remote Viewer: See pyramids….Can’t tell if its overlay or not because they’re different.
  • Monitor: Ok do those pyramids have inside and outsides?
  • Remote Viewer:……Um-hum got both and they ‘re huge…It’s really, ah…it’s an interesting perception I’m getting. It’s filtered from storms or somethings.
  • Monitor: Say that again, subject.
  • Remote viewer: They’re like shelters from storms
  • Monitor: These structures you’re seeing?
  • Remote viewer: Yes. They’re designed for that.
  • Monitor: All right. Go inside on of these and find some activity to tell me about.
  • Remote viewer: Different chambers…..but they’re almost stripped of any kind of furnishing..or anything, it’s like a strictly functional place for sleeping or that’s not a good word, hibernations, some form, I can’t, I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms.

On a number of occasions the remote viewer reports seeing human like inhabitants on Mars, very tall and thin.

  • Remote Viewer: I just keep seeing very large people. They appear thin and tall but are very large. Ah……wearing some kind of strange clothes.

The monitor then asks the remote viewer about the people staying at the storm shelters:

  • Monitor: Tell me about the ones who sleep through the storms
  • Remote Viewer: ……Ah very tall..again, very large…people, but they’re thin, they look thin because of their height and they dress like in, oh hell, it’s like a real light silk, but it’s not flowing type of clothing, it’s cut to fit.
  • Monitor: Move close to one of them and ask them to tell you about themselves
  • Remote Viewer: They are ancient people. They’re ah….they’re dying, it’s past their time or age.
  • Monitor: Tell me about this.
  • Remote Viewer: They’re very philosophical about it. They’re looking for a way to survive ah….and they just can’t.’Can’t seem to get their way out, they can’t seem to find their way out… they are hanging on while they look or wait for something to return or something coming with the answer….
  • Monitor: What is it that they are waiting for?
  • Remote Viewer: ……They’re ah…..evidently was a……..a group or a party of them that went to find ah… place to live. It’s like am getting all kinds of overwhelming input of their…..corruption of their environment. It’s failing very rapidly and this group went somewhere, like a long place to find another place to live.
  • Monitor: What was the cause of the atmospheric disturbance or the environment disturbance?
  • Remote Viewer: ………I see a picture of a, picture of like a, oh hell, it’s almost a warp in a, oh god, this is difficult. It’s like going, let’s see….
  • Monitor: The raw data?
  • Remote Viewer: Oh I get a globe….it’s like a globe that goes through a comet’s tail or….it’s through a river of something, but it’s all very cosmic. It’s like space pictures.

Later into the session the monitor asks the remote viewer how and where did the Mars people go.

  • Remote Viewer: It looks like the inside of a larger boat. Very rounded walls and shiny metal
  • Monitor: Go along with them on their journey and find out where it is they go.
  • Remote Viewer: ….Impression of a crazy place with volcanoes and gas pockets and strange plants, very volatile place, it’s very much like going from the frying pan into the fire. Difference is there seems to be a lot of vegetation where the other place did not have it. And different kind of storm.

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