Scientist discovers invisible terrestrial entities


According to a recent edition of the American Journal of Modern Physics, Dr Ruggerro  Santilli, a scientist searching for antimatter using Santilli telescopes (named after him) discovered on September 5th 2015 the existence of invisible entities living between us. Santilli telescopes are built by Thunder Energies Corporation, led by the controversial nuclear physicist Dr. Ruggerro Santilli.

The entities were detected using the revolutionary Santilli telescope equipped with concave lenses. It has been observed that the entities seems to move in the sky in an way that suggests some kind of intelligence. Moreover it is suggested that these beings are performing unauthorised surveillance over sensitive civilian, military and industrial installations.

According to Dr. Santilli the entities are not visible to the naked eye and cannot be seen with traditional binoculars and telescopes which use convex lenses but are clearly visible through cameras attached to the Santilli telescopes. Scientist classified the observed entities into two types; invisible terrestrial entities of the first kind (ITE-1) or dark ITE and invisible entities of the second kind or bright ITE. According to Santilli the discovery has been verified by a number of American astronomers.

Such a discovery could dramatically change the perception of the world around us and it seems to be only the beginning.

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