Scotia, Scotland…words of Greek origin


Did you know that the word “Scotland” has Greek origins? In Greek the word “skotos” (written as ΣΚΩΤΟΣ) means “darkness”. In their trade voyages for tin Myceneans and Minoans reached the shores of Britain including the northern territories (what we now call Scotland). Fascinated by the scarcity of sunlight, they described this land as the “dark land”.

Caledonia, a name given to describe most of Scotland during Roman times is also probably related to Greece. Caledonians were one of the dominant tribes of ancient Scotland. In central Greece we find the ancient city of Caledon (ΚΑΛΥΔΩΝ) which is mentioned by Homer. Could  it be that Greeks travelled to and settled in Northern Britain? Is it a coincidence what the Roman writer Solinus C. Iulius (250 AD) in his book “Collectana Rerum Memorabillium” documents the existence of Greek inscriptions on the tablet of  a shrine claiming that Hercules reached the shores of Caledonia? 

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