Shanti Deva: A Reliable Case of Reincarnation

Shanti Devi was born in Delhi in 1926. At the age of four she started to talk about her past-life with her husband and children in Muttra (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh) and insisting that she wanted to go back. With time the girl gave more details of her past life. She could also remember that her name was Ludgi and had a husband by the name of Kedernath. Shanti kept insisting on her past-life recollections. Her parents tried to ignore her and did whatever they could to convince her to focus on her current life.

At some moment in time she mentioned that she died while giving birth to her fourth child. This detail triggered the curiosity of her parents who decided to investigate further. The parents took the little girl of seven at the time to the doctor. Upon hearing the story the doctor assessed that the girl had advanced knowledge on the subject that did not correspond to her age. Eventually someone from her close environment decided to verify her story. One of her teachers decided to send a letter to Kedernath from Muttra to verify that Ludgi was indeed his deceased wife. Kedernath replied confirming that Ludgi was his wife and actually died while giving birth.

Shortly after, a man presenting himself as a work associate of Shanti’s father visited her house. Shanti recognized him as a relative he had met in his previous life. This man was from Muttra, and had a cousin whose wife Ludgi, had died while giving birth. Some weeks later an unknown man knocked on the door. She correctly recognised him as Kedernath, her husband from her past life.

With the support of the state (it is said that even Gandhi was informed of the case), a commission was set-up to investigate the girl’s claims thoroughly. The young girl was taken to Muttra. She guided the commission with eyes closed and was able to identify the house where she lived as Ludgi and call the parents and brother of her husband by their correct names. She was able to interact in the local dialect and also identified her three children but not the fourth one as she had died while giving birth.

The case of Shanti Deva is considered one of the most reliable reincarnation cases. Sture Lönnerstrand, an investigator from Sweden looked at the case determined to prove that it was hoax. He ended up writing a book in favour of the case (English book title: English: “I Have Lived Before: The True Story of the Reincarnation of Shanti DeviI”).

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