Sophocles on money


Sophocles (497/6-406/5 BC), the great Greek playwright expresses his thoughts on money in his play “Antigone”‘.

” Nothing exists in the world, more destructive, more devastating than money. For money, the most ferocious and bloody wars happen which devastate the land and leaves people without a home and plunges them to destruction.

Money is what pollutes with its filth of shame the purest virgin souls and subsequently  eliminates them. Money has forced people to become cunning and impertinent; and they who were sold for money to undertake the most vulgar and disgraceful deeds, they can only but one day pay for the damage.”

Throughout the ancient Greek bibliography there are many extracts that deal with the risk associated with greed and money. In our modern world where money is god and greed is often considered a good quality we do not have many opportunities to contemplate the potential harmful consequences of a society based on the pursuit of money and buying power.


Photo credit: British Museum

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