Stop Acting Like a Celebrity and Be Yourself

In today’s societies it seems that we have become obsessed with what other people think of us. We fall into the trap of measuring our worth in terms of our popularity and how other people perceive us. Whether we are happy, in tune with our real desires or following our inner calling seems to be of secondary importance. All ours actions and thoughts are spontaneously accompanied by the question “What will other people think of me? “.

Our behavioural pattern emulates that of celebrities. Celebrities have to follow a strategy of attention seeking and perception management to survive and be successful. When celebrities are getting positive feedback they generate a following that will potentially buy what the celebrity is selling (i.e. actors:movies; singers:records and concerts; politicians:votes; internet personalities: views that will eventually attract sponsors and money). Celebrities have to manage their popularity index because that´s how they make a living; in their case trying to impress and attract attention is their job. No wonder many celebrities end up having psychological problems; having to be in a certain way can be too much work. Eventually, one day they will no longer be in the spotlight and they will feel worthless.

Unfortunately many of us live through our ego. Everything is processed through the ego filter and we constantly look for ways to reinforce our ego. It’s all about “look at me, notice me!; look at how great I am!! Am I making you jealous?”. We talk about our plans to impress; follow the expected mainstream behaviour to avoid negative opinions, we don´t voice our true opinion in case someone gets offended. Social media has given us more tools to feed our ego and gain approval. So many are wasting their time in fishing for “likes” and looking for approval and a positive comment. Immersed in social media and the media we have picked-up the ways of celebrities.

We play the game of perception management. We manage our image to mange the perception that others have of ourselves. We have allowed for our self-confidence to be regulated by the popularity and approval rates of others. In a world were we allow ourselves to consume too much useless information,how things look and how they are perceived is more important than how they really are.

Let’s just be ourselves and the rest will follow.

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